"The Pelican Lancers" by Edward Solomon - Dedicated to the Boys of the Pelican Club - sheet music

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Song book cover, chromolithograph, multicoloured cover, music book. Music arranged by Edward Solomon. The cover depicts many scenes of pelicans in evening dress, dressed and acting as people, depicted playing cricket, boxing, etc. Inscriptions from top left "Dedicated to the Boys of the Pelican Club. / The Pelican Lancers / Arranged/ By/ Edward Solomon. / Copyright./ London, Francis Bros & Day, Blenheim House, 195 Oxford St. W." Bottom right: "H.g. Banks Lith/ Price 4/- [shillings] Septett, 1/: N --/ Full Orchestra, 1/6- ". Originally mounted with 3 other prints [M6349-M6351] in a black and gold wooden frame. [see worksheets & April 1993 Conservation Reports]
frame: H: 86 W: 65.6mm (H: 3 3/8 W: 2 9/16")
print: H: 32 W: 22mm (H: 1 1/4 W: 7/8")
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