Trophy presented by Collingwood Trades FC to Wally Ocock, 1905

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Trophies and awards/Trophy
Date Used
25 Oct 1905
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Trophy consists of a heavy black wooden, circular moulded base. A silver shield-shaped plaque with inscriptions is mounted onto the side of the base. The top of the base is inset with green velvet, upon which is a black wooden plinth which holds a brown leather football (M2919.3). In front of this is a white picket fence (M2919.4) and four black and white posts (M2919.5 - .8). A black and white rosette (M2919.9) also features on the top of the base, or football. There is an adjacent small wooden plinth which supports a one penny coin (M2919.2). The entire piece is covered by a glass dome (M2919.10) which has a black and white twisted cord around its base (M2919.11). Inscription on the shield reads: 'SS/ C.T.F.C./PREMIERS 1905./PRESENTED BY/CR. C.W.S. AUMONT J.P./ PRESIDENT/TO W. O'COCK ESQ./AS CAPTAIN/IN THE FINAL MATCH/ COLLINGWOOD G.4.B.12. V. ST. KILDA G.3.B.5./5.10.05.'. This trophy was presented to William A. O'Cock as captain of the Collingwood Trades Football Club team who were premiers in 1905. Collingwood Trades was part of Wednesday Football competition. O'Cock was captain/coach of C.T.F.C. The football, penny and rosette within the trophy were those used on the day of the premiership win in 1905.
0 - Whole: H: 180 W: 450 D: 450mm (H: 7 1/16 W: 17 11/16 D: 17 11/16")
Date Used
25 Oct 1905
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