Fourteen badges and a bottle cap, 1956 Olympic Games

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Civic mementoes/Souvenir/Badge
Domestic items/Container/Bottle/Bottle cap
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Fifteen objects, includes thirteen badges with individual images of 1956 Australian Olympic Athletes on them, a wrestling badge, and a bottle cap. The wrestling badge has a colour image of two men on the front, with the Olympic Rings below them, and text on the orange border that reads, "1956 / OLYMPIC / GAMES". Printed on reverse is the word "WRESTLING". The bottle cap has the 1956 Olympic Games logo in red and blue with the Olympic Rings and text in white. The text reads "Olympic / GAMES / 1956 / MELBOURNE". These objects are sealed in individual pockets of a plastic sheet with a white label in the upper right corner that has the Lot number "1231" written on it.
H: 32 W: 32 D: 2mm (H: 1 1/4 W: 1 1/4 D: 1/16")
14 - Badge 14: H: 35 W: 22 D: 1mm (H: 1 3/8 W: 7/8 D: 1/16")
15 - Bottle cap: H: 26 W: 26 D: 6mm (H: 1 W: 1 D: 1/4")
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In storage
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