Kodak Model 620A camera, used by Marjorie Jackson at 1952 Olympic Games

Object Type
Photography/Photographic equipment/Camera
Personal effects/Travel and leather goods/Case
Date Used
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Brief Description
A Kodak Model Six-20A Camera and a leather case, with a metallic locking device. Camera features a retractable lens, which is revealed once the camera cover is opened out. The camera also features a 100mm Anastar lens, a Dakon shutter, and a pop out focus. This camera was used by Australian sprinter, Marjorie Jackson, during the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games. Jackson's name is engraved on the metallic plate on the front of the cover.
camera: H: 190 W: 110 D: 130mm (H: 7 1/2 W: 4 5/16 D: 5 1/8")
case: H: 180 W: 107 D: 55mm (H: 7 1/16 W: 4 3/16 D: 2 3/16")
Date Used
In storage
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by S Nelson.




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