Playing cards, 1956 Olympic Games design

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A deck of 50 playing cards plus two joker cards (the jack of diamonds and the three of hearts are missing). The joker cards feature a lyrebird atop a shield featuring a map of Australia. The manufacturer's details feature on the ace of spades card. The front of each card features an illustration of three female athletes diving off a board, with the Olympic Park Swimming Stadium in the background. Inscription, (partially featured within two boomerangs, each framing the upper left and lower right of the card), reads, "OLYMPIC GAMES / 22 NOV 8 DEC / 1956 MELBOURNE".
0 - Whole: H: 90 W: 59 D: 20mm (H: 3 9/16 W: 2 5/16 D: 13/16")
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Thank you for providing additional information about this object, we are always keen to learn more about our collection, and improve our data. Following further research, it was determined that the joker cards do depict a lyrebird, not a peacock. We have updated our catalogue with this correction.

- Australian Sports Museum team

Posted on 09-10-2020 01:04:24

Playing Card 1956 Joker has a Lyrebird not a peacock on top of the sheild with a map of Australia on it. I have the complete twin pack pack Swimmers & Athletes.

- Lynne

Posted on 07-10-2020 07:41:00