Official 1896 Athens Olympic Games Report, front page design, reproduced as a coloured postcard by I.O.C. in 1983, and contained in Card Wallet

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Postcard of a cover page illustration. Pictorial image of a Greek maiden acting as a 19th century version of the godess Athena, standing upon the steps of a temple upon a hill, overlooking the city of Athens. In the background are buildings such as the 1896 Olympic Stadium, the temple of Zeus, and the Parthenon on the Acropolis. The maiden holds an olive wreath in her right hand, and olive palms in her left hand - both are symbolic of victory. In front of her, at the foot of the temple, is a shield featuring the Greek national symbol - the cross of St. Andrew - sitting on a bed of palm branches. Inscription, in Greek and French: '776 - 1896/OLYMPIAKOI/AGONES/JEUX OLYMPIQUES/ATHENAI-ATHENES'. This is not a poster, but the front page design for the Official 1896 Athens Olympic Games Report. It was reproduced as a postcard by the I.O.C. in 1983.
0 - Whole: H: 148 W: 105 D: 1mm (H: 5 13/16 W: 4 1/8 D: 1/16")
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