Sport Australia Hall of Fame "Spirit of Sport" trophy 2006, presented to Melbourne Cricket Ground

Object Type
Trophies and awards/Trophy/Decorative
Documents and books/Document/Certificate
Trophies and awards/Trophy/Box
Date Used
10 Oct 2006
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Brief Description
Boxed trophy from the 22nd Sport Australia Hall of Fame Annual Dinner and Inductee Ceremony. This trophy was presented to the Melbourne Cricket Ground in recognition of sporting spirit. Also enclosed in the box, along with the trophy, is a certificate of authenticity which details the artist and the materials.
1 - award: H: 320 W: 85 D: 85mm (H: 12 5/8 W: 3 3/8 D: 3 3/8")
3 - presentation box: H: 145 W: 250 D: 330mm (H: 5 11/16 W: 9 13/16 D: 13")
Date Used
10 Oct 2006
In storage
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