Service medals & service ribbons, awarded to Sir Hubert Opperman

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Trophies and awards/Medal
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Brief Description
Four sets of medals with ribbons awarded to Hubert Opperman. Consisting of one large set, two miniature sets and a set of ribbons. The large set of medals includes: The badge of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), The War Medal 1939-1945, The Australian Service Medal 1939-1945 and The Coronation Medal 1953. One miniature set has the same four medals plus one extra pinned to the end featuring a Maltese Cross and the second miniature set has three extras medals, which include two from the Legion of Frontiersmen which are engraved on the back. The last is a Polish Freedom and Independence Cross dated 1939. A separate miniature medal from the Legion of Frontiersmen is also included along with a length of ribbon from a miniature Australian Service Medal 1939-1945.
2 - Full sized medals bar: H: 120 W: 140 D: 5mm (H: 4 3/4 W: 5 1/2 D: 3/16")
3 - Miniature medals bar, long: H: 65 W: 86 D: 5mm (H: 2 9/16 W: 3 3/8 D: 3/16")
4 - Miniature medals bar, short: H: 65 W: 120 D: 5mm (H: 2 9/16 W: 4 3/4 D: 3/16")
1 - Ribbon bar, no medals: H: 20 W: 140 D: 5mm (H: 13/16 W: 5 1/2 D: 3/16")
Date Used
In storage
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Lady Opperman.





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