Wilton Baseball Scorebook - 1959 Claxton Shield Competition matches

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Documents and books/Book/Record book/Score book
Date Used
25 Jul 1959-02 Aug 1959
11 Aug 1961
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A 'Wilton Baseball Score Book', featuring the statistics for baseball matches played during the 1959 Claxton Shield Competition - the domestic baseball competition played between Australian State teams. The 1959 Competition was played in Melbourne, Victoria, from 25 July to 02 August, 1959. The scores for a match played between South Australia and Queensland during the 1961 Claxton Shield Competition also features in the book.
0 - Whole: H: 281 W: 222 D: 6mm (H: 11 1/16 W: 8 3/4 D: 1/4")
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Date Used
25 Jul 1959-02 Aug 1959
11 Aug 1961
In storage
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Kindly donated by Mr J E M Ellis.




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