Wall hanging, South American Weightlifting Confederation

Object Type
Flags and signage/Pennant
Date Used
Circa 1989
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Object Detail

Brief Description
A souvenir pentagonal pennant with a white field, red and white border, and, a yellow synthetic fabric frill along the base. Woven through loop at the top is a wooden stick, protected at either end by a white plastic stopper. Hanging device, which is attached to each end of the stick is red plastic cord. Design comprises of an image of the South American continent with a weighted barbell in front. Inscription in Spanish stands for the South American Weightlifting Confederation.
0 - Whole: H: 230 W: 215 D: 5mm (H: 9 1/16 W: 8 7/16 D: 3/16")
Date Used
Circa 1989
In storage
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