Photograph of two naval cooks in a kitchen, 1936 Olympic Games

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Photography/Photograph/Black and white
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Black and white photograph of two naval cooks from North German Lloyd in a kitchen in the Dining Hall of Nations, taken in 1936 inside the Olympic Village. They are standing next to one of two large vats and are looking into it. Both are leaning against a vat and have their left arm resting on their hip. They are wearing naval hats. The kitchen is located at the Dining Hall of Nations building. Each national dining hall had its own attached kitchen. The kitchens and kitchen equipment were installed only for the occasion of the Olympic Games and later removed. Two other persons can be seen outside the window on the right side in the yard. Verso partial illegible press stamp.
0 - Whole: H: 178 W: 244 D: 1mm (H: 7 W: 9 5/8 D: 1/16")
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In storage
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Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by The Wheeler Family


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