8mm film of Melbourne & Momowai, 1930s

Object Type
Audio-Visual/Recorded material/Film
Date Used
Circa 1935
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Spool of 8mm film, 25 feet in length stored within a printed box. The box features the name of the manufacturer. The front of the box has a printed inscription that reads 'CINE-KODAK/SUPER - X/FAST, FINE GRAIN/PANCHROMATIC SAFETY FILM/FOR 8mm. ROLL CAMERAS ONLY'. There is a handwritten inscription above this that reads '(1) Melb./(2) Monowai. No.2./(3) Home/Jill'. On the reverse side there is an handwritten inscription that reads 'Mr. F. HICKEY/Great South Rd./TAUPRI N.Z.' There is also a handwritten number on the side of the box that reads 'CO727'.
0 - Whole: H: 22 W: 85 D: 105mm (H: 7/8 W: 3 3/8 D: 4 1/8")
Date Used
Circa 1935
In storage
Registration No
Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by Fergus Hickey


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