Official Souvenir Book, 1960 Olympic Games

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Documents and books/Book
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30 Jun 1960
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A 274-page paper back book featuring on the cover, a torch with flames, in the form of national flags, emanating from the bowl. Title: GAMES OF THE XVII/OLYMPIAD/OFFICIAL SOUVENIR ROME 1960. The 1960 Rome Olympic Games emblem, (Romulus and Remus suckling the She-Wolf, mounted on the number 'MCMLX' mounted on the Olympic Rings), features to the left of the title. The book features a large number of essays regarding the Olympic Games, ancient and modern, the lead up to the Rome Games, sports culture in Italy, the prospects of Italy and other nations winning medals in Rome, Italian culture in general, etc... A programme also features in the book.
0 - Whole: H: 285 W: 213 D: 15mm (H: 11 1/4 W: 8 3/8 D: 9/16")
Date Used
30 Jun 1960
In storage
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Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Alwyn M Harbott


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