Lithographic print, 'The Two Elevens of the University and Town of Cambridge'

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Lithograph print of Cambridge cricketers from the mid-nineteenth century that includes thirty men, most wearing whites and blue neckerchiefs, and some carrying bats. The scene is set outdoors, with the men arranged into a single row. The figure on the far left of the picture is wearing a suit and top hat, and sits at a small desk with a quill in his hand, while four men in top hats, two mounted on horses, are on the right side. Some of the figures are named, and below the image is printed "THE TWO ELEVENS/ OF THE UNIVERSITY AND TOWN OF/ CAMBRIDGE", along with the names of the draughtsman and lithographer. The print is attached to a card backing and is housed in a modern window mount. reg number inscribed on bottom right reverse
(with mount): H: 890 W: 1155 D: 6mm (H: 35 1/16 W: 45 1/2 D: 1/4")
(print): H: 668 W: 993 D: 2mm (H: 26 5/16 W: 39 1/8 D: 1/16")
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