Handkerchief, image of cricket match in progress

Object Type
Clothing or accessories/Clothing/Accessory/Handkerchief
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Square piece of silk with an image of a cricket match printed in the centre. The fabric has a red background, and a decorative border made from a 'Paisley' design. In the centre is a lozenge-shaped window which contains an illustration of a cricket match, showing a side-on view of a wicket as a bowler delivers the ball. The cricketers' dress - breeches, tight jackets and top hats - suggest a date of the early to mid-nineteenth century. A small monogram, perhaps the letters 'M' and 'H', is stitched at the top-right corner. The item is mounted on card and housed behind a sheet of plastic.
0 - Whole: H: 970 W: 1050 D: 3mm (H: 38 3/16 W: 41 5/16 D: 1/8")
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