MCC Welcome to World Cup Final & Opening Great Southern Stand - 25/3/92

Object Type
Documents and books/Document/Pamphlet
Date Used
25 Mar 1992
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Brief Description
Folded that opens to three panels on either side. Features colour photos and black printed text throughout. Cover has a colour photo of a man sitting in a blue stadium seat with many rows behind him. He is wearing a jacket and MCC tie. He is holding his hand up and is full profile. Above him are three separate images. The left is an aerial view of Melbourne, middle is the MCC logo and right is Dean Jones batting. Across the bottom, from left to right it the text "Welcome".
0 - Whole: H: 211 W: 99 D: 1mm (H: 8 5/16 W: 3 7/8 D: 1/16")
Associated Event
Date Used
25 Mar 1992
Place Used
In storage
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