Coaster, 1996 Brownlow Medal Ball

Object Type
Domestic items/Glasswear/Coaster
Date Used
23 Sep 1996
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Coaster made of card and printed on both sides, round in shape but wider at the bottom with a banner shape across the middle. The top has "CARLTON DRAUGHT" around the Carlton & United Breweries logo, partially covered by a banner which reads "100 YEARS OF CHEERS". Underneath this is the Australian Football League Centenary logo. On the back is a paragraph of text under the title "FOOTY FACT", which is about a football game in 1946 where the ball burst after "Captain Blood" Dyer had kicked it towards the goals, causing Richmond the lose.
0 - Whole: H: 87 W: 117 D: 2mm (H: 3 7/16 W: 4 5/8 D: 1/16")
Date Used
23 Sep 1996
In storage
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