Score book, Lillywhite's All England XI Tour to Canada and United States - 1868-70

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Documents and books/Book/Record book/Score book
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16 Sep 1868-07 Sep 1870
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A cricket scorebook, printed by Sussex and England cricketer John Lillywhite, who ran a family cricket publication business. It chronicles his tour with the All England XI to Canada and the United States, from 16 September - 15 October 1868, playing at: Hudson City, New York; Montreal, Quebec; Riverside Park, Boston, Massachusetts; and Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later matches featured in the scorebook feature Lillywhite's United South of England team, against other English teams, from 09 June - 07 September 1870.
0 - Whole: H: 385 W: 253 D: 20mm (H: 15 3/16 W: 9 15/16 D: 13/16")
Date Used
16 Sep 1868-07 Sep 1870
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