1960 Rome Olympic Games relay torch

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Sporting equipment/Accessory/Torch/Relay
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1960 Rome Olympic Games relay torch. Design inspired by Professor Amadeo Maiuri, from the National Museum of Archaeology in Naples, the torch was based on a design used in Italian antiquity, as indicated on illustrations featured on ancient ceramics. Cast from bronzed aluminium, the torch is a slender, hollow shaft, widening slightly from the base to the top. The lower portion is smooth, and used as the handle. Dividing the handle from the upper two thirds of the torch, which is fluted, is a round disc, with an inscription on the upper side reading: 'GIOCHI DELLA XVII OLIMPIADE ', followed by the Olympic logo. On the underside of the handle base are the manufacturer's details. Capsules made from special resins were used to light the flame in each torch.
0 - Whole: H: 400 W: 95 D: 95mm (H: 15 3/4 W: 3 3/4 D: 3 3/4")
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