Watercolour, depicts football match at Williamstown Cricket Ground c1870s

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Circa 1875
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Nineteenth-century watercolour of Williamstown Cricket Ground painted by WT Tibbits, believed to be possibly the earliest image of an Australian Rules game. Shows the playing field and pavilion with ocean and boats beyond. The viewpoint is from an elevated angle. In the foreground a cluster of figures wearing burgundy and blue tops and white trousers are on the playing field which is bordered by a picket fence. Beyond the oval is a white building with blue-striped canopy and a flag with "WCC" on it flying from the central tower. In the distance are a number of sailing boats. The painting is mounted in a hinged clamp mount, of thick white card, and on the reverse is a printed card with details of the artist. On the reverse is a printed promotional statement by the artist which reads as follows: "Mr W. Tibbits / Landscape Painter / Specialty Water Color Sketches / Executes views of Private Residences &c. which / Drawn & Coloured from Nature possess the advantages / of unfading beauty and correct perspective. / Address, 74 Albert St. Windsor, / near St Kilda Junction. / Exquisite Camer[a] Copies - Colour or Mono[?tone]."
0 - Whole: H: 294 W: 383 D: 5mm (H: 11 9/16 W: 15 1/16 D: 3/16")
Date Used
Circa 1875
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