Painting, "Geelong Nothing! No Wumpurani (young black fellas) Play for Cats" - Port Adelaide FC

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One of a group of 16 unframed square canvases that each represent the colours of an AFL team. This canvas depicts the Port Adelaide Football Club. The colours black, white and teal have been applied freehand using loose, broad brush strokes that cover the entire surface of the canvas. The upper half is divided into two horizontal sections, a smaller black band along the top edge and larger teal blue band that reaches the centre and staggers upwards at its lower right edge. The lower half is comprised of seven vertical black and white stripes. The paints used are vibrant synthetic polymer paints that give the canvas a fairly high sheen. The title of the artwork is, "Geelong Nothing! No Wumpurani (young black fellas) play for Cats". The artist's intentions are for the paintings to be used to represent the AFL ladder as each round is completed. Inscriptions handwritten on reverse around wooden stretcher with a felt marker pen read '7/15' 'ALCASTON GALLERY' 'P N JONES' '6/04' . There is also a handwritten felt marker pen arrow on the reverse of the canvas indicating which direction is the top of the canvas. Handwritten pencil inscription on reverse wooden stretcher reads 'AK10750'.
0 - Whole: H: 300 W: 300 D: 35mm (H: 11 13/16 W: 11 13/16 D: 1 3/8")
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