Pendulum clock, Lenzkirch c1873

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Domestic items/Appliance/Clock
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Pendulum, key-wound, chiming wall clock, cased in an intricately carved wood structure built in the style of a Neo-Gothic church. The round, double-sunk porcelain dial features Roman numerals for the hour indicators and Hindu-Arabic numerals for the minutes. The centre of the dial is a textured gold disc, from which extend fancy cast brass hour and minute hands, and at the bottom of which are two winding arbours. Surrounding the dial face is a reflective gold metal plate, onto which has been pinned, above the face and in the corner spandrels, finely cast ormolu trim. The dial is protected by a hinged, pointed, equilateral arch glass window/door with wood frame, and has a keyhole on the left. A brass plaque has been affixed to the wall arcade beneath the clock dial, engraved with the inscription: "PRESENTED TO THE / Melbourne Cricket Club / BY / His Excellency Lord Northcote / GOVERNOR GENERAL. / 1907." The sides of the clock replicate the ornately decorated arched windows of a church, with clover-shaped ormolu trim against yellow silk backing. The casement also features fluted corner buttresses/columns; crockets or grotesques along the roof-line; and a ridge piece along the top surmounted by a finial matching those on top of the corner buttresses. The inner mechanisms of the clock are accessible via a hinged, pentagonal-shaped door at the back of the clock. The door has a wood frame surrounding a sheet of black pierced metal with quatrefoil designs, over a backing of bronze silk. The door has a small keyhole on the left. The movement is marked with the Lenzkirch logo, "AUG 1 Million", and strikes time on 2 coiled gongs. The serial number 205100 stamped beneath the Lenzkirch trademark dates the production of the clock to around 1873. The (model?) number '56' is stamped above the trademark.
0 - Whole: H: 570 W: 370 D: 210mm (H: 22 7/16 W: 14 9/16 D: 8 1/4")
0 - Whole: H: 940 W: 422 D: 230mm (H: 37 W: 16 5/8 D: 9 1/16")
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