Soil testing kit, c1950s

Object Type
Tools and Equipment/Testing equipment
Date Used
Circa 1950s
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Barium sulphate soil testing kit manufactured in England c.1950. This kit was used for testing soil in the MCG arena. The kit is a brown, wooden, hinged storage box with leather handle. It contains 12 open-ended test tubes, 11 with rubber stoppers; a small metal container with 7 rubber stoppers inside; a white plastic bottle with a label that reads 'Distilled Water'; a smaller plastic bottle with black lid and label that reads 'Barium Sulphate'; a small plastic bottle with label that reads 'Soil Indicator' and black liquid contents; one long white cloth that contains white powder or granules; a small instruction manual entitled 'B.D.H. Barium Sulphate Soil Testing Outfit'; and one soil indicator colour chart in a black envelope.
0 - Whole: H: 235 W: 170 D: 185mm (H: 9 1/4 W: 6 11/16 D: 7 5/16")
Date Used
Circa 1950s
In storage
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