Transparencies x 8 - West Indies cavalcade through Melbourne 17 February 1961

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17 Feb 1961

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Set of 8 mounted 35mm colour transparency slides depicting the West Indies cricketers cavalcade through Melbourne's streets on Friday the 17th February 1961, one week after their fifth and final test in Australia (at the MCG from the 10th-15th February) and the end of their Australian tour. All of the photographs from this set have been taken from the one vantage point, on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth streets, Melbourne, which can be identified by the presence of the (now-demolished) State Savings Bank on Bourke street and the London Stores in the background of many of the photos. Many spectators can be seen lining the streets to cheer on and shake hands with the cricketers, and it is difficult to recognise the cricketers from this distance. Both sides of the mount card are white with maroon print, one side reading "Peter Fox. / COLLINS ST. / MELBOURNE"; and the other detailing which way to insert the side for Viewing and which way for Projection; and a space for details to be written. Inscribed in blue biro on 5 of the 8 slides are names identifying some of the cricketers in the photos, including P. Worrell (.1), Alexander (.2), Peter Lashley (.3), Sobers (.4), and Ramadhin (.5).
0 - Whole: H: 50 W: 50 D: 1mm (H: 1 15/16 W: 1 15/16 D: 1/16")
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17 Feb 1961
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Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by Alf Batchelder



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