Fountain pen, presented to A H Richards by J B Hobbs - August 1925

Object Type
Domestic items/Writing equipment/Fountain pen
Date Used
09 Feb 1909
Aug 1925
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Brief Description
Plastic, marbled orange patterned, fountain pen with screw on lid. Engraved inscription on the gold ring around the body of the pen reads, "TO / A. H. RICHARDS / FROM J.B. HOBBS. / 126TH 127TH CENTURIES. / AUGUST. 1925". Jack Hobbs broke the record for first class cricket centuries in August 1925, previously held by W G Grace. Behind the inscription is the maker's marks. The most important of these are the initials 'F.D.W.', meaning Frank D. Waterman, the manufacturer. The other gold pieces on the pen, being the clip and nib, feature the brand name. Impressed along the body of the pen, is a barely legible inscription, reading, "PATENTED OCT.9.1906 / WATERMAN'S IDEAL FOUNTAIN- / PEN CANADA...FEB 9, 1909". The latter date is probably the date of manufacture.
0 - Whole: H: 137 W: 16 D: 11mm (H: 5 3/8 W: 5/8 D: 7/16")
Date Used
09 Feb 1909
Aug 1925
In storage
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