Cricket ball collected by umpire Lou Rowan, Australia v England Test - Sydney, 1963

Object Type
Trophies and awards/Trophy/Sporting equipment/Ball
Date Used
Feb 1963
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Used cricket ball that has been made from four leather panels. The ball has been stitched with six rows of twine across the centre. The ball was attached to a circular wooden display ring, it is now loose again. On the top of the ball there is a drawing pin that originally contained the ball number. This ball was used in the Fifth Test in Sydney which was officiated by Lou Rowan (cricket umpire).
0 - Whole: H: 75 W: 75 D: 75mm (H: 2 15/16 W: 2 15/16 D: 2 15/16")
Associated Event
Date Used
Feb 1963
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