1957 VFL Premiership trophy, awarded to Melbourne FC

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Trophies and awards/Trophy/Decorative/Cup
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Silver cup trophy on a wooden plinth. It is shaped like a tall cylinder, tapering only slightly for a short stem before widening again into a bell-shaped base. Around the stem is a raised decorative pattern including gold-coloured ovals . The two side handles are made up of a horizontal cylinder with decorative ends, attached a short distance from the cup on a solid protrusion. On the front is a blue circle with "VFL" in the centre of engraving reading, "VICTORIAN / FOOTBALL LEAGUE / PREMIERSHIP / TROPHY". The plinth is large and square in a medium brown wood, with rounded concave corners and slightly wider base. Attached to the front is a silver plaque reading, "AWARDED TO / MELBOURNE / Season 1957". The base of the plinth is covered in green felt. Lid - it is a flattened bell shape, with steep curve in the middle, on top of which sits the knob, in the shape of a football, with gold-coloured plating. The underside of the lid is also this gold colour.
Cup and Base: H: 469 W: 251 D: 254mm (H: 18 7/16 W: 9 7/8 D: 10")
2 - lid: H: 156 W: 179 D: 179mm (H: 6 1/8 W: 7 1/16 D: 7 1/16")
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