Board game titled 'Eamonn Andrews Electric Sports Quiz'

Object Type
Games and toys/Game/Board game

Brief Description
Yellow board game box with blue lid. At upper left is a window divided in to four field, with an image of soccer, track, cricket, and boxing in each. In the upper right is a black and white photo image of Eamonn Andrews' head. Inscription on lid below images reads, "Eamonn Andrews / Electric Sports QUIZ / 160 QUESTIONS / A BELL TOY / MADE IN ENGLAND". Around the sides of the lid is printed the board game name, except the left side which is printed, "Yours Sincerely / Eamonn Andrews". Game includes yellow plastic pen with unscrewable top. Has a light globe inside attached to a blue wire and is known as the 'Detector Light'. Cardboard game piece holding the 'Detector light' device and the question cards. Also features game directions, reading, in part, "DIRECTIONS / Choose a question card. Place it over the contact panel so / the large silver spots are fully visible through the holes. Select a question. / Place the end of the wire on the silver / spot in your question square. / ...". Raised cardboard game piece known as the 'contact panel'. The panel is made up of interlinked electrical points or "spots" which cause the 'detector-light' pen to glow when the connection point of a question "spot" with one end of the pen is complimentary to the answer "spot" connected with the other end of the pen. Game includes five green cards, two orange cards and one purple card known as a 'question cards'. Both sides are divided into boxes with holes in each. Each box features questions or answers about cricket, English football, tennis, boxing or general sport, and the player has to use a 'detector-light' pen to link the question with the correct answer by putting each end of the pen in a question box and an answer box respectively. The silvery contact panel beneath the card is what produces the pen to glow when the right answer is given. Game dates to circa 1955.
0 - Whole: H: 52 W: 255 D: 213mm (H: 2 1/16 W: 10 1/16 D: 8 3/8")
2 - Detector light: H: 90 W: 20 D: 20mm (H: 3 9/16 W: 13/16 D: 13/16")
3 - Cardboard holder: H: 205 W: 240mm (H: 8 1/16 W: 9 7/16")
4 - Contact panel: H: 30 W: 243 D: 205mm (H: 1 3/16 W: 9 9/16 D: 8 1/16")
5 - Question card: H: 150 W: 240mm (H: 5 7/8 W: 9 7/16")
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by Graeme Atkinson.

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