Lawn bowl, used by Major Benjamin Wardill

Object Type
Sporting equipment/Playing equipment/Lawn bowl
Date Used
Circa 1900
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Brief Description
Dark brown lignum vitae (heavy, dense wood) lawn bowl with scrimshaw design on ivory discs. The disc inside the inner grip rings features a number 2 with black circular borders. The maker's mark, "THOMAS TAYLOR / GLASGOW", is stamped above this inset and inside of the inner circle (faded); the size of the bowl (NO. 2 BIAS) is stamped below the disc; there are three later stamps of the VBA also incised within this circle although only the year 1908 can be made out. The larger disc inside the inner rings of the outer grip rings features the initial W (standing for the owner Major Ben Wardill), surrounded by a decorative black rim and showing the grain of the ivory. The central strip of the bowl reveals the original lighter-coloured wood grain beneath the polish which seems to have rubbed away through use and displays a lovely patina. Used c. 1900.
0 - Whole: H: 115 W: 122 D: 122mm (H: 4 1/2 W: 4 13/16 D: 4 13/16")
Date Used
Circa 1900
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