Measuring equipment, used in rifle shooting

Object Type
Sporting equipment/Accessory/Measuring device

Brief Description
Small metal device with two main pieces of metal and some smaller, with a series of screws that move each piece. There are a series of markings that can be lined up against each other, presumably to measure something. Rifle related equipment.
0 - Whole: H: 19 W: 34 D: 83mm (H: 3/4 W: 1 5/16 D: 3 1/4")
Associated Person
In storage
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by Barbara Haynes.



Item M10180.2 is most probably the flat steel Central tool for gauging .303 rifle cartridge dimensions between 1948 and 1969

- Nick O'Brien

Posted on 24-05-2021 12:36:27