Lawn bowl, used by Louis Belinfante

Object Type
Sporting equipment/Playing equipment/Lawn bowl
Date Used
Aug 1923
01 Aug 1923
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Brief Description
Brown lignum vitae (heavy, dense wood) lawn bowl with engraved metal plaques affixed to both sides. The plaque inside the inner rings of the small circle is round, features decorative border, and is engraved, "WON BY / L.B. / 1.8.1923". Maker's mark, "W.D. HENSELL / STANDARD", engraved around outside of plaque and inside the inner circle; four stamps of Australia with numbers and letters stamped on either side of the outer rings, the two on the outside featuring the letters and year, "A / B / C / 1931". The plaque inside the inner rings of the large circle is shield-shaped, features an identical decorative border to that on the other side, and is engraved, "PRESENTED BY / THE DISTILLERS COY. LDT. / (D.C.L.) / OF EDINBURGH / TO / L. BELIFANTE". Thought to have been made in 1923 and used up until at least 1933 and as late as 1954.
0 - Whole: H: 125 W: 128 D: 128mm (H: 4 15/16 W: 5 1/16 D: 5 1/16")
Date Used
Aug 1923
01 Aug 1923
In storage
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by Gordon E L Belinfante, in memory of his father, Louis J Belinfante.


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