1981 Scanlens VFL Football Greg Towns trade card

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Documents and books/Document/Card/Trade or swap card/Trade card - Chewing gum
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Rectangular Scanlens trade card featuring colour head and shoulder photograph of Greg Towns (footballer) in blue, red and white Footscray Football Club guernsey. Above the image in the white border is printed in black SCANLENS, the card number 148 OF 168, and below is printed the player's team next to the VFL logo. The reverse features the player's name, statistics, and a short commentary. The trade card was issued as one of a set of 168 with Scanlens bubble gum, featuring Victorian Football League players from the 1981 Australian Rules Football season.
H: 86 W: 44mm (H: 3 3/8 W: 1 3/4")
0 - Whole: H: 86 W: 62mm (H: 3 3/8 W: 2 7/16")
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