Cricket bat used by Australian Keith Rigg, c.1920s-30s

Object Type
Sporting equipment/Playing equipment/Bat
Date Used
Late 1920s-Late 1930s
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Brief Description
Used cricket bat with black rubber grip, used by Keith Rigg. Part of the centre of the bat has been repaired with twine that has been bound. The manufacturer has stamped their name onto the front of the bat in both the upper left and right corners. Both stamp marks are identical and they read, "GUNN & MOORE / LTD / MAKERTS / NOTTINGHAM / ENGLAND". Another two identical stamp marks appears in the centre just below the top. They both read, "TREBLE SPRING". The bat was used by Keith Rigg during the c. late 1920's to the c. late 1930's. On the reverse side is a stamp mark that reads, "William Gunn". Also on the reverse side near the upper right corner is a signature that reads, "K. E. Rigg".
0 - Whole: H: 865 W: 110 D: 45mm (H: 34 1/16 W: 4 5/16 D: 1 3/4")
Date Used
Late 1920s-Late 1930s
On display
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Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by Canny Coventry, daughter of Keith & Elsa Rigg.


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