Two action photographs framed and mounted together - 'A Great Catch' and 'A Brilliant Mark'

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Photography/Photograph/Black and white
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Sepia-toned photographic copy of two photographs and windowmount. The photo on the left is an image of a cricket match with the bowler leaping in the air, left arm up, while the umpire and non-striker look on. The wicketkeeper leaps up in the background, both gloves in the air. The heading underneath reads, "A GREAT CATCH / DAVIDSON CATCHES LOCK OFF HIS OWN BOWLING". The photo on the right depicts a football match, where a player in a striped guernsey takes a mark over the back of a player in a dark guernsey, with another player jogging towards them on the left edge of the picture. This photo appears to have been touched up along the 'edges' of the players.The caption underneath reads, "A BRILLIANT MARK / SULLIVAN MARKS OVER BARASSI". Deep wooden frame.
H: 367 W: 520 D: 30mm (H: 14 7/16 W: 20 1/2 D: 1 3/16")
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