Photograph of Cordner Family, c1940s

Object Type
Photography/Photograph/Black and white
Date Used
Circa 1950
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Black and white photograph of former Melbourne and University Football Club player, Edward R. Cordner with his four sons, Denis, Donald, Edward P., and John, all of whom played for Melbourne F.C. during the 1940s-1950s. The five are inside a house sitting around a film projector, looking towards a wall. All the men are wearing suits, smiling and laughing. The photo is presented with a white mount in a brown frame. Edward Snr is standing behind the projector. Denis is seated in the armchair on the left, and Ted (Edward Jnr) is seated on the wooden chair on the right. Donald (in dark jacket) and John are seated on the floor.
0 - Whole: H: 426 W: 494 D: 42mm (H: 16 3/4 W: 19 7/16 D: 1 5/8")
Date Used
Circa 1950
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