Victorian Football League 1959 Premiership Cup, won by Melbourne Football Club

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Trophies and awards/Trophy/Decorative/Cup
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Brief Description
Trophy, large, cup and base; VFL premiership cup, engraved inscription, "VICTORIAN / FOOTBALL LEAGUE / 1959 / PREMIERSHIP CUP / WON BY / MELBOURNE". Silver-coloured cup with two handles, gently sloping out and up from the base and ending with a slight turn inward at the lip. Separate stem; top consists of gold-coloured leaves that are spaced apart and pointing upwards to create a bowl-like shape for the cup to sit in. It continues down to narrow into a neck with a thin line of decoration, and then flares out again to a round base. Base of light-coloured wood with a dark coating; on the side is a silver-coloured plaque, with the VFL logo on it in blue. Circular in shape, flaring out slightly then in in a long concave sweep, then out again to form a flat top with a smaller raised section in the middle.
0 - Whole: H: 722 W: 440 D: 265mm (H: 28 7/16 W: 17 5/16 D: 10 7/16")
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