Trowel, used by Prince Philip to lay Western Stand foundation stone - 3 March 1967

Object Type
Domestic items/Gardening/Trowel
Date Used
03 Mar 1967
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Brief Description
Metal trowel in an enclosed wooden box with glass front. Trowel has been inscribed. It reads, "THE TROWEL / USED IN THE PLACING OF / THE FOUNDATION STONE / FOR THE / NEW WESTERN STAND / BY / HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS / THE PRINCE PHILIP, / DUKE OF EDINBURGH / K.G., K.T., G.B.E. / 3rd Marc.1967." Trowel was used in the laying of the foundation stone for the Western (now Ponsford) Stand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1967.
0 - Whole: H: 350 W: 41 D: 148mm (H: 13 3/4 W: 1 5/8 D: 5 13/16")
Date Used
03 Mar 1967
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