Football with hand-painted decoration - 1955 VFL Grand Final won by the Melbourne Football Club

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Used T.W. Sherrin Match II football with hand-painted decoration commemorating the 1955 Victorian Football League (Australian Rules) Grand Final Premiership, won by the Melbourne Football Club. The ball is oval-shaped, red-orange in colour with darker water stains, and painted in red, black, white and cream/yellow. It is comprised of 4 pieces of leather stitched together lengthways, with a horizontal leather strap stitching on the top. Painted on the top front quarter of the football is a flowing scroll inscribed with "MELBOURNE F.C.", below which is painted "SEASON 1955". Beneath this is depicted an impression of the Melbourne Football Ground with a large red demon standing in the middle, and "THE DEMONS" printed beneath his pitchfork. 3 small scrolls painted beneath read, from left to right: "·CAPTAIN· NOEL McMAHEM / ·COACH·NORM SMITH / ·VICE-CAPT.· KEN MELVILLE". Painted on the lower quarter of the same side of the ball, beneath "PREMIERS 1955 / PLAYERS", are the players names: D. [Denis] CORDNER, L. WHITE, P. MARQUIS, J. LORD, I. McLEAN, F. ADAMS, / G. CASE, J. SANDRAL, B. DIXON, P. TOSSOL, L. MITHEN, S. SPENCER, / T. JOHNSON, A. WEBB, C. LAIDLAW, G. McGIVERN, R. JOHNSON, / K. CARROLL, P. COOK, B. CRAMERI, B. COLLOPY, I. RIDLEY, / D. WILLIAMS, I. THOROGOOD, T. GLEESON, A. BULL, / J. BECKWITH, R. BARASSI, A. ROGERSON, R. LANE, / C. WILSON, N. McMAHEN, R. ATKINSON, K. MELVILLE, / T. MOUNTAIN." On the other side is printed in black: "MATCH / II / MANUFACTURED / BY / T.W. SHERRIN / SOLID HIDE".
0 - Whole: H: 180 W: 300 D: 200mm (H: 7 1/16 W: 11 13/16 D: 7 7/8")
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Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Brian Dixon


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