Print, "The English Cricketers - The Eleven of All England" - 1859

Object Type
Artwork/Print/Engraving/Wood Engraving
Date Used
15 Oct 1859
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Brief Description
Single page (pp.659/660) from the 15 October 1859 edition of Harper's Weekly magazine, loosely mounted on cream-coloured card. The illustrated side shows ten members of the All England cricket team standing in a row wearing trousers, dotted shirts, belts and flat caps. The names of each player is printed beneath the image, and below that is the title "THE ENGLISH CRICKETERS - THE ELEVEN OF ALL ENGLAND". On the reverse are four columns of text including an article on "THE ENGLISH CRICKETERS" with biographical notes on the players depicted.
0 - Whole: H: 474 W: 576 D: 5mm (H: 18 11/16 W: 22 11/16 D: 3/16")
Date Used
15 Oct 1859
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