Photograph of Sid Barnes batting

Object Type
Photography/Photograph/Black and white
Date Used
01 Jan 1941-31 Dec 1952
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Two cricket players, a batsman on the right and a wicketkeeper on the left (the legs of a fielder are visible in the background) at the stump. Both wear white shirts, trousers, pads and dark caps. The batsman is stepping forward with his bat raised and the wicketkeeper has both of his hands raised above his right shoulder. Reverse has printed and handwritten text that reads in part "COPYRIGHT / NOT FOR REPRODUCTION / HERALD - SUN / PHOTOGRAPH...."
0 - Whole: H: 198 W: 247 D: 0.1mm (H: 7 13/16 W: 9 3/4")
Date Used
01 Jan 1941-31 Dec 1952
In storage
Registration No
Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Melbourne Cricket Club Museum by John Beaumont


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