Photograph of print, "A list of the Gentlemen Cricketers, who played on Sevenoaks Vine"

Object Type
Photography/Photograph/Black and white
Date Used
03 Jul 1782
04 Jul 1782
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Black and white photograph of print featuring a list of cricketers and a drawing of a cricket match. The heading reads, "A LIST of the GENTLEMEN CRICKETERS, Who Played SEVENOAKS VINE, JULY 3 & 4, 1782; For A THOUSAND GUINEAS. His Grace the DUKE OF DORSET & against All ENGLAND". Players on an oval field with picket fence surround holding curved cricket bats. They are dressed in knee length trousers, jackets and hats. There are several onlookers dressed in period costume. Handwritten text on reverse reads, "MCC487" and "5E" with "Marylebone Cricket Club" stamp. Item has "M2313" rubbed out on reverse.
0 - Whole: H: 210 W: 145mm (H: 8 1/4 W: 5 11/16")
Date Used
03 Jul 1782
04 Jul 1782
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