Stamp pack, Australian Bicentenary stamp issue album

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Philatelics and currency/Philatelic material/Stamp
Documents and books/Book/Binder/Page
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Attached to this page with clear plastic corners is a piece of cardboard printed with a short, anecdotal history of Australia by Thomas Keneally, with full colour pictures. Tucked into this is another piece of cardboard, black with plastic flap on the front. Under this flap are four stamps (to which Keneally refers) produced for Australia's bicentennial. They are connected in two sets of two, with an Australian flag as the background over each set. In the first set each stamp has a value of 18p, with one featuring a picture of a "first settler" and a ship, the other with the Australian new parliament house and Queen Elizabeth II. The other set is worth 34p each, one with a picture of W.G. Grace and a tennis racquet, and the other with a picture of Shakespeare and a guitarist (John Lennon?) and the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The page is a thick white piece of paper, punched with four holes along the top to insert into a binder. Printed at the top is a picture of W.G. Grace, and the bottom features a lion holding a ball and a kangaroo wearing batting pads. Text reads "1788 / 1988" and "BICENTENNIAL SOUVENIR / ENGLAND / AUSTRALIA".
0 - Whole: H: 307 W: 220 D: 3mm (H: 12 1/16 W: 8 11/16 D: 1/8")
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