Tray, image of the Cathcart Family

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Domestic items/Tray
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Large rectangular painted papier-mache tray featuring a depiction of a family portrait of four in an outdoor setting at centre, with black and gold decorated border. The picture features a man in military uniform standing at centre, resting his right hip against a cricket bat. To his right a young boy in white with blue sash offers a cricket ball to his father, and holds a curved bat in his right hand. A woman in elaborate, fine dress and hat is seated to the right under the shade of a tent and in front of a table upon which are laid food and drinks. She holds a paper and fountain pen, and a young baby crawls at her feet. Bats, balls and a military jacket lie on the ground nearby. A cricket match can be seen being played on a field in the background, in front of a castle. Painted in gold with brown-red detail upon the black border are various flowers, foliage, and butterflies or moths. A small sticker with the number 2011 has been affixed to back of tray.
0 - Whole: H: 562 W: 768 D: 35mm (H: 22 1/8 W: 30 1/4 D: 1 3/8")
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