Menu - 'Dinner to the M.C.C. Australian Team, 1st May 1912'

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Documents and books/Document/Menu
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01 May 1912
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Menu (one of 11 copies) from a dinner for the returning M.C.C. team that toured Australia, hosted by the Marylebone Cricket Club. The cover features a cartoon full of allusions to a just completed Test series. Entitled 'Court of the King Cricket', the English Cricket Team, in cricket whites and blazers, celebrate victory - four Tests to one - over the Australians. The figure at the head of the group of players offers The Ashes to the 'king'. In the background, atop an arch bearing the years 1911-12, a lion belts a kangaroo. Printed inside the menu are the 'Toasts' and 'Programme of Music', and on the back cover are the 'Wine List' and 'Menu'. The cover illustration is by artist G. Hillyard Swinstead; the dinner was held at Hotel Cecil, London. [Copy no. 8 given to AGOS with reg. no. 2006.5250]
0 - Whole: H: 240 W: 305 D: 2mm (H: 9 7/16 W: 12 D: 1/16")
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01 May 1912
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