Tankard presented by F.T. Sargood to J. McC. Blackham 1880, commemorating Australian cricket team visit to England

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Commemorative silver-plated tankard, simple design, featuring engraved inscription on the opposite side to the handle, reading 'PRESENTED BY / THE HON BLE F.T.SARGOOD / ON BEHALF OF / A NUMBER OF COLONISTS IN ENGLAND / TO - MR. J.M. BLACKHAM. / IN COMMEMORATION OF / THE VISIT OF THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKETING TEAM / SEASON - 1880 / WON 21 MATCHES / DRAWN 12 / LOST 4.' Gold-coloured metal inside. Assay marks next to handle show the maker's mark (FE); the lion (representing that it is made of silver); the leopard head (town mark indicating that it was made in London); the capital letter 'E' (representing that it was made in 1880;) and the woman's bust is that of Victoria, representing the reign of the monarch. The numbers 163 / 97 have also been embossed on the bottom of the tankard.
0 - Whole: H: 132 W: 132 D: 103mm (H: 5 3/16 W: 5 3/16 D: 4 1/16")
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