Silver teapot - Presented to G. Peckham Beachcroft by Melbourne Football Team 1907

Object Type
Trophies and awards/Trophy/Domestic/Teapot
Trophies and awards/Trophy/Domestic/Tea set
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Silver teapot with hinged lid and top handle. The body is rounded in an inverted dome shape, and sits on a small circular base. It is decorated with pattern of engraved leaves and raised lines, which continue along the curved spout. The lid is a more flattened dome shape, with foliage decorations around and an ornate knob. The handle is attached over the lid, with a hollow main section with holes. Engraved opposite the spout is text reading "PRESENTED TO / G. Peckham-Bancroft / BY THE / Melbourne Football Team & supporters. / TASMANIAN TRIP, 1907". On the remaining two sides are small bars which help to balance the teapot on a stand.
Includes stand and burner.
1 - Teapot: H: 238 W: 202 D: 211mm (H: 9 3/8 W: 7 15/16 D: 8 5/16")
2 - Stand: H: 5 W: 62 D: 62mm (H: 3/16 W: 2 7/16 D: 2 7/16")
3 - Burner: H: 169 W: 176 D: 164mm (H: 6 5/8 W: 6 15/16 D: 6 7/16")
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