Black and white photographic copy of original, showing friend of Eric Gibaud beside Eric's bicycle land some of Eric's trophies & sashes

Object Type
Photography/Photograph/Black and white
Date Used
Apr 1969
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Black and white photographic copy of an original taken during World War II supplied by Eric Gibaud to Rupert Bates, depicting a friend standing beside a cycle made by R. L. Bates and showing some of Gibaud's trophies and sashes. Inscription, reverse, handwritten in ink, "this photo was taken during World War 2 on bike built / by R.L. Bates showing some of his trophies won on the cycle / its (sic) a friend standing in for Eric Gibaud".
H: 250 W: 145 D: 1mm (H: 9 13/16 W: 5 11/16 D: 1/16")
Associated Event
Date Used
Apr 1969
In storage
Registration No
Credit Line
Kindly donated to the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum by Rupert Bates




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