Cricket-themed table lamp base: ball, stumps and bail with electric cord & plug

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Domestic items/Appliance/Lamp
Civic mementoes/Souvenir
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Polished wood table lampstand with plastic red cricket ball surmounted on pole beneath lightglobe fitting. The pole is offset from the middle of the round base, with three holes drilled into the base to hold 3 slender cricket stumps and bail (M6884.2 - .3). Manufacturer's mark printed on edge of base at back, reading NICOLLS / ROBERTSBRIDGE / SUSSEX, above their emblem. Orange-brown twined cord connecting to grey plug extends from the back. Black non-stick fabric affixed to base. The name of the manufacturer being Nicolls alone possibly dates the lamp to before the 1940's when L.J. Nicolls merged with well known cricket bat manufacturer H.J.Gray and Sons to become Gray-Nicolls.
0 - Whole: H: 355 W: 200 D: 200mm (H: 14 W: 7 7/8 D: 7 7/8")
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