Ballot Box previously used by Marylebone Cricket Club members

Object Type
Sporting equipment/Accessory/Ballot box
Date Used
Circa 1910
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Object Detail

Brief Description
Polished mahogany ex-Marylebone Cricket Club members' voting box with large, protruding circular card aperture at front with a drawer beneath. "YES"and "NO" painted in gold and black on either side of the aperture on the front and top of the box, and "Y" and "N" on the drawer. The box is designed so that voting cards placed in the hole will fall either to the left ("yes") or the right ("no") according to which side the voter places their vote. The hole opens onto a simple, roof-shaped base which slants down towards the two separated halves of the drawer beneath. Interestingly, the "Y" side of the drawer is slightly larger than the "N" side. A number '23' is also painted on the back of the box. The detachable drawer is lined with felt, has a small keyhole, and a hole where a knob used to be. The keyhole has the maker's mark Lever imprinted. A sticker affixed to top identifies the object as having been purchased from the Marylebone Cricket Club Bicentenary Auction (at Lord's Cricket Ground), organised by Christie's Auction House, on the 13th April 1987, lot# 793.
0 - Whole: H: 295 W: 240 D: 260mm (H: 11 5/8 W: 9 7/16 D: 10 1/4")
Associated Person
Date Used
Circa 1910
In storage
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