Vanity Fair 1878 - 'Spencer' ( Spencer Ponsonby-Fane ) artist 'Spy'

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Unframed, colour caricature from Vanity Fair - in window mount - of male, Spencer Ponsonby-Fane, portrayed in brown pants and grey jacket, and holding an envelope and piece of paper. The signature of the artist - Spy - is printed lower right. A piece of paper with Ponsonby-Fane's signature has been adhered lower right. The name of the publisher is printed top left, the date is top right, and the name of the printer is bottom left. The image is captioned 'Spencer', and a piece of paper with brief biographical information has been adhered above the caption. It reads 'Ponsonby-Fane, Rt. Hon. Sir Spencer/ (Hon Treasurer M.C.C. from 1879/ to 1915, President Somerset/ C.C.C.), b. March 14, 1824, d. Dec 1,/ 1915'.
0 - Whole: H: 447 W: 295 D: 4mm (H: 17 5/8 W: 11 5/8 D: 3/16")
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